As someone who wants to be a game diengesr, I adored your comparison to the multiplayer aspect with Goldeneye 64/Melee/Mario Kart. Uprising will greatly benefit from this, but on the other hand I totally agree with the fact most  hardcore' fans will be turned off by the single player. The fact that there is so many things to do is incredible. Anyone remember Bayonetta? Look past the sex appeal shitfest and you will find the only HD game this generation I still play over and over again; Bayonetta is Hideki Kamiya fixing what was wrong with Devil May Cry and putting a Viewtiful Joe spin on it. Even if you completed the main game, you can't stop playing. On the other hand, it only sold one million units between 360 and PS3 combined (the terrible PS3 port didn't help matters at all). Fantastic game design is taking a back seat, and its pissing me off.Unreleated note: Binding of Issac not coming onto the eShop and Team Meat is pissy because the game was denied due to  questionable religious content . Christ Team Meat, where the hell were you during the NES/SNES days?

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